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Meet Our Spectacular Vendors for Pet-tober Fest 2021

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  • By Elle Cuddy
Meet Our Spectacular Vendors for Pet-tober Fest 2021



Pet-tober Fest is back and better than ever. It is just around the corner and we hope you all are as excited as we are! With that being said we just wanted to take a moment to introduce you all to some of our vendors before you all come and chat and support the great work they are doing for our community and industry. 



Austin and Kat
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Kat started out making CBD infused biscuits for her pups in 2014, when her older pup needed support for his joints, and her younger pup needed a little something to help balance his anxiety and energy. To give both of her pups the ability to enjoy a life with optimal health, she worked like a dog with a bone to find the best recipes and ingredients, and soon the whole town wanted some of her delicious, nutritious, and beneficial treats for their pets. Kat decided to open up shop as “Austin and Kat,” named of course, after one of her pups, and they were off to the races!  

We love that A+K is women-led, and committed to sustainability all throughout their supply and production chain. Everything is third-party tested by independent and accredited labs (both scientific, AND canine--labs? Get it?)


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With a goal to “nourish pets the way nature intended,” Founder, Matt founded Primal Pet Foods in 2000, to help his dog, Luna, who was beginning to suffer from mystery renal issues. After exhausting traditional medical routes, Matt visited a holistic vet, who recommended he switch Luna to a diet of Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF). A BARF diet is intended to resemble what a dog would eat in the wild, and when Matt switched Luna’s food regime, he began to notice distinct, positive changes in her health. Inspired by these noticeable improvements, Matt set out to create readily available, and easy-to-serve, and Primal Pet Foods was born! 

Primal focuses on providing biologically appropriate diets made from the highest grade ingredients, and uses “antibiotic and steroid-free USDA proteins without added hormones, certified organic produce, and unrefined vitamins & minerals,” so your pet can get the best from each bowl. In addition to providing meals with great ingredients, Primal also offers a whole line of supplemental products like goat’s milk, healthy greens, and raw bones, so you can feel good about treating your pet to some healthy snacks. 

A big bonus of feeding Primal includes a highly customizable bowl, with options from A-Z, so you can find what works for even the pickiest eater. Additionally, feeding a raw diet means providing your pet with a higher water content, which increases their hydration levels! Awesome! 

P.S. They also have an online food calculator to help you find the right amounts when transitioning from kibble to raw!

Tater tot + Shadow

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Follow these whimsically wonderful stories of daring and intrepid pups, Tater Tot and Shadow, as they find friends and adventure in well-known cities around the country. With delightful narratives and adorable art, we can hardly wait to see where these pups go next! Grab a copy for the pup-loving people in your life! A great gift for kiddos, parents-to-be, and new pup-parents!

The Honest Kitchen
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We love The Honest Kitchen for plenty of reasons, but one of them is that they focus on being exactly that--Honest. THK makes a constant effort to encourage accountability in the pet food world, by constantly reaching for the best, and providing pet parents with all of the information they need surrounding each product, they call it “The Honest Difference.”  Honest in their branding and company values, but also honest in their ingredients--so much so that you can see, and easily recognize the ingredients in their food. The food that gained THK their popularity and renown, a dehydrated soup mix of sorts, is unique in that it has all of the ingredients easily visible to the naked eye, a nice change from your average kibble!

Since their humble start in 2002, they have expanded their line to all manner of tasty delicacies, all maintaining the same integrity. All of their ingredients are of tip-top, human-grade quality.

THK’s “Honest Difference” is best summed up by founder, Lucy,  who says, “no matter how popular we become or how many products we offer, we’ll never move away from my original goal of bringing the highest quality standards of ‘people food’ to pets.” A pretty rockin standard, and we’re here for it all day long. 


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Locally owned and operated, Wondercide offers a whole range of innovative products that deter mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and other biting insects, all while remaining environment friendly, and pet and family safe. We love their Geranium Shampoo Bar! Why? This baby helps reduce waste by nixing the need for a plastic bottle, and helps protect your pup from bugs. With soothing ingredients like aloe, vitamin E, shea butter and coconut oil, this wonder is safe for even the most sensitive skin (both people and pet) because it’s free of cedarwood oil! The active bug-repelling ingredients in this beauty are citronella and geranium oils, both of which help it smell amazing, without scary fragrances.  Not only does this rockin’, family-owned and operated company offer personal hygiene and personal bug defense products, they also feature a line of super effective and effortlessly eco-friendly home and yard products like their Flea and Tick Yard Spray—attach to your hose and spray away!


Frosted Paws Bakery
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Ade right here in Austin, these tasty treats are dee-licious! Free of  ingredients like corn, wheat, and soy, Frosted Paws uses only fresh ingredients and boasts tasty biscuit flavours like Toasted Banana Coconut, Apple Cinnamon, and Sweet Potato Bacon! Each batch honestly smells so good, sometimes we’re tempted to have a taste (they are human-grade after all!)! 

In addition to providing such tasty treats, Frosted Paws regularly donates to local rescues and shelters! 


Rainbow Moodana | Etsy

Local and full of fun, Moodanas, creates adorable bandanas for every mood! Looking for a road-trip themed accessory for your co-pilot? Moodiness has the perfectly themed bandana so y’all can hit the road in style. Fancy a ‘Pumpkin Spice’ bandana for your spicy little pumpkin this fall? Moodiness has a whole selection of PSL/‘Fall Vibes Only’ bandanas to perfectly match the mood while you and your furry friend enjoy your pumpkin-themed beveraginos this Autumn. Customizable and available in sizes all the way from very small to very large—suitable for cats and dogs—and more!


Yucky Puppy
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Oh, so you’re not just brimming with style on your morning walk to get your pumpkin spice latte yet? Well you will be! With a walk fashion update from Yucky Puppy, you and your furry pal will be ‘catwalk’ chic in no time. This local company offers stylish poop-bag holders that look more like a fashionable clutch. A sneaky way to disguise supplies for stinky business, Yucky Puppy not only creates walk-couture, but donates to shelters with every purchase! Each purchase made comes with a picture of the shelter pup your purchase helped support!

Drop by their booth to see their whole collection of gear to “upgrade your dog-walking experience!”


Mazapan Paper Co.
Happy Halloweenie | Weenie Dog Halloween Greeting Card | Spooky Dachshund | Trick or Treat | Illustrated
This lovely local artist boasts an enchanting array of fine stationery provisions. Full of eye-candy colour and delightfully clever humour, Mazapan’s collection of fun is sure to make the perfect gift for your whole squad (pets, too, of course!) Treat yourself to some cheekily fabulous prints, stickers and more!


Kathy Phantastic
Bubble Tea Cat Sticker, Boba Tea Sticker, Boba Milk Tea Cat Sticker, Cat Boba Tea, Boba Tea Cat Vinyl Sticker, Cat Die Cut Sticker

Have you seen these ‘Phantastic’ watercolour creations?! From foodie-inspired stickers, greeting cards, and magnets, to playful custom pet portraits! Local artist, Kathy Phan, finds delight in exploring the whimsical within the conventional, and creating wonderfully magical illustrations. A self-described “small lady with a big imagination,” Kathy Phantastic has been featured in everything from Austin Woman Magazine, to the Rolling Stone’s Blog! We’re so pumped that she’s joining us for Pet-Toberfest! Drop by her booth and book a watercolour commission of your special pup! 


Fabulous Paws

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“Happy Tails Ahead”

Fabulous Paws is on a mission to create quality, adorable accessories for every size of pet. From Bandanas to bow-ties, and maybe a stylish collar or two, Fabulous Paws has got your style needs covered. Drop by their booth and have a little fashion show, find something to match your fabulous Fall look, or maybe a little something for Halloween!


Rogue Aromas and Apparel

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This groovy Austin based apothecary has all of your self-care needs covered, from delicately scented, (some come in spooky-shapes, yes!) soaps to aromatic and fabulous waxmelts. In addition to some delightfully indulgent self-care goods, Rogue delivers the spooky fun with shirts and accessories boasting clever puns encompassing spooky-pop culture, true crime, and a love of pizza. Endlessly fun and creative, Rogue Aromas is Veteran-owned and sends proceeds to rescue dogs! Drop by their booth for all of your self-care (and Spooky Season needs!)


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